Friday, April 28, 2017

I Don't Get Procrastination

Procrastination drives me CRAZY . . . I don't understand the logic.  Logic?  I don't believe that logic and procrastination can exist at the same time.  Why do people procrastinate? 

            I've posted a bit about the qualifications for school.  We have to have our initial post on the discussion board by midnight Wednesday.  I have always posted either Monday or Tuesday by afternoon.  It absolutely boggles my mind when I there's not a great selection of those I can respond to as the majority of my classes have students that don't do their initial post until Wednesday night or Thursday morning - or often not at all.  What is up with that?  Granted, the research can eat up much of one's time.  Why not just spend a few hours at the beginning of the week and get it over with instead of creating a post at the last minute.  I suppose I've had time to read through others' posts, but truthfully, I have not even read through those last minute posts.  I am Before the end of the week, I am done.  I am done with my discussion, assignment and assessment for this week.  Tried to get a jump start on next week.  It's on monopoly.  (If this was a live video, you would see me cringing)

            Procrastination isn't going to change my mood of NOT wanting to do it.  The grey cloud hanging over my head will get darker with each passing minute.  I have to post right away or do my assignment as soon as I am able just to have at least two days of rainbow or sunshine. 

            I do see that things come up and situations change ONCE IN A WHILE - but I don't think there is any excuse good enough to consistently wait until next week to turn in this week's assignment.  Of course I don't know in what order any of my classmates do their work - but it seems to have been every week in every class.  What's wrong with people?  Even if it is a less than exciting subject.  It is, afterall, only four weeks. I personally like to be first to post so that my ideas are fresh and original and I don't like a copy cat of somebody else's post.

           Usually I haven't had the option for moving ahead, but I am able to all four weeks for this class.  Usually it will only display one class at a time.
            Monopoly.  Blech!

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