Friday, July 31, 2015

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful

Jenna does NOT deal with change well.  She is horrible at it.  Horrible.  I don’t even remember what it was she was complaining about last night.  I told her that whatever we do, wherever we live, no matter what, there are going to be some things that we like about our current situation and some things that we don’t. 

I told her to write a list of pros and cons with living in West Valley and with living in Myrtle Creek.  I didn’t suggest for her to include Kearns – after all she was only five when we had moved. There was probably more drama about that move than there was with this last one.

After reviewing her lists, I decided to make some lists of my own.  Thus for this post, I have decided to share each list that was created (or started at least)

Jenna’s pro list for living in West Valley

1)           school friends
2)           church friends
3)           good principal (Mrs. Randolf is truly amazing)
4)           FAMILY
5)           More time with dad (they had actually eaten breakfast together)

Jenna’s con list for living in West Valley

1)           a certain individual from school
2)           church friends live in apartments

Jenna’s pro list for living in Myrtle Creek

1)           same answer as number one on last list
2)           swim lessons (pool in general)
3)           friends made
4)           a library
5)           a bike
6)           good people
7)           Netflix

 Jenna’s Con list for living in Myrtle Creek

1)              mom forced me to be in band before school even started
2)             have to practice the clarinet
3)             missing friends from West Valley
4)             Barely anything to do (EVERYTHING IS IN ROSEBURG)
5)             Missing family
6)             Less time with dad [who’s still working according to mountain time and eats breakfast at his desk or long before Jenna gets out of bed]

My pro list for living in West Valley

1)           public transportation
2)           conveniences (driving locations)
3)           playing games with family members
4)           dual immersion

My con list for living in West Valley

1)           dry air
2)           traffic
3)           construction
4)           small house
5)           no sidewalks

My pro list for living in Myrtle Creek

1)           I can more easily breathe
2)           Low crime
3)           Best house
4)           Strong ward
5)           Opportunities that Jenna will have in this school as opposed to Salt Lake (such as low income rental on instrument and swim lessons that didn’t get cancelled due to a lack of numbers)
6)           Overall friendliness of people
7)           Low key traffic
8)           New Friendships

            9)         that Roland was able to bring his job with us

My con list for Myrtle Creek

1)           windy roads without guard rails
2)           family members live so far away
3)           outrageous water bills
4)           lack of public transportation
5)           library hours
6)           variety

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