Friday, January 15, 2016

Earth and Sky Reverso

In 2012 I was introduced to Reverso poetry (created by Marilyn Singer) when Jenna and I checked out a book from the library.  The book is called Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer. (also beautiful illustrations by Josee Masse)
 Here is another attempt I have made in creating my own reverso.  Read the left column from top to bottom before reading the right.  Enjoy.

Without a coat                                              After so much rain
to keep me warm,                                        through my windows,
through clouds                                              sun is shining.
the sun breaks.                                               Today is beautiful.     

Yesterday                                                       The clouds hang low
it was raining buckets.                                  over the mountain.
The earth is so full of moisture                       It must be raining
the water forms lakes on my lawn.              in the hills.

In the hills                                                        The water forms lakes on my lawn.
it must be raining.                                          The earth is so full of moisture.
Over the mountain                                        It was raining buckets
the clouds hang low.                                     yesterday.

Today is beautiful!                                          The sun breaks
Sun is shining                                                   through clouds
through my windows                                     to keep me warm
after so much rain.                                         without a coat.

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