Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 5: Lincoln City, Newport

            We left Tillamook and went through Lincoln Center before we arrived at Newport where we had lunch.  It had been overcast the entire day.  Newport was wet.  I had changed from my sandy shoes into some beach sandals that I have used as slippers.  My feet were cold.  

I enjoyed listening to the barking seals.  My camera had run out of battery and I’d taken the last picture at the ocean.  Every picture after that was taken with my cell phone.

            In addition to the seals, I took these pictures of the tsunami debris and warnings 

I found this one on the Internet - what it looked like before the written history above

            On our return to McMinnville, Beth pointed out Depoe Bay. 

Graham showed us where the hospital and community college were.  We also passed Evergreen Aviation but did not stop to see if it was even open.  (I would have thought more places would have been closed on Easter)

April 5: Tillamook, Pacific City

            After we left the cheese plant, we went to the Blue Heron Cheese Company for more tasting and petting zoo.  Roland purchased some pet food to feed to the goats – one greedy goat in particular

every goat for himself - this was the greedy one I think in every picture

            After leaving Tillamook, Beth directed us to the Pelican Pub parking in Pacific City so that we could see the ocean – and feel the ocean – and the sand. 

            Jenna had taken her shoes off, but I had not.  And the tide pushed over my sneakers and my clean shoes were no longer.

shoes looked and felt worse than shows

Monday, April 13, 2015

Touring the Coast on Easter Sunday

             On Sunday we met Beth and Graham for a light breakfast.  Plans were to drive the coast.  Beth took us on the scenic tour – which really was pretty.  Unfortunately my stomach was not impressed, and we had to stop the car and rotate seats before we got to Tillamook.

            Once we arrived at the Tillamook Cheese plant, we were able to take a self-guided tour and sample the cheese before purchasing ice cream.  The Cheese company had offered an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  That could be one of the reasons that Sunday was so slow.  It was great for us as we didn't have to wait in lines.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 4, Sampling Oregon

        Beth and Graham had us over for breakfast on Saturday morning before we went to the beading class.  Beth greeted each of us with published material.  Two books for me, two books for Jenna and a flyer print out for the upcoming community theatre for Roland – hoping he might addition for Oklahoma.  Beth taught Jenna how to do Sudoku puzzles and then Jenna taught me. 

        Beth had made some outstanding biscuits and Graham was taking orders for omelets.  I’ve never had an eight egg omelet before.  I don’t know how many eggs were actually used.  But that is what it looked like.  We were definitely fed well.

        After the beading class, we toured downtown McMinnville and were invited to sample various vinegars, jellies, syrups, and spreads.  We had sampled Amish butter just the night before.  We were introduced to the marionberry.  I think they look like small pinecones.

            Both Graham and Beth had told us that we could cross the street whenever as pedestrians have the right of way and not all crossways are marked with lights.  The average Oregonian driver will stop and even smile at the person crossing – at least in McMinnville.  I quite enjoyed the friendliness.

            Beth parked her car in the parking lot of the church that they attend and we all piled in the rental to look at a few upcoming rentals and then we took a drive to Willamette Valley.  We did more sample tasting at Red Ridge Farms and enjoyed different olive oils, more jams and vinegars.  

            I forget the name of the place where we ended up eating.  It tasted like home cooked food.  They gave us a LOT of food.  Had we known it was going to be that big, Roland and I would have just split something.  Even the “kids” meal was too big for Jenna.  She didn’t like the homemade chips that came with her sandwich.  I could have made a meal on those chips alone.  They were delicious.   

            Our initial plan was to spend each night in a different city just to see if one city influenced my breathing better than another.  But we ended up spending our first three nights in McMinnville – which was more than satisfactory to Jenna who took every opportunity she had to go into the water.  She also enjoyed the complimentary breakfast each morning