Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 5: Lincoln City, Newport

            We left Tillamook and went through Lincoln Center before we arrived at Newport where we had lunch.  It had been overcast the entire day.  Newport was wet.  I had changed from my sandy shoes into some beach sandals that I have used as slippers.  My feet were cold.  

I enjoyed listening to the barking seals.  My camera had run out of battery and I’d taken the last picture at the ocean.  Every picture after that was taken with my cell phone.

            In addition to the seals, I took these pictures of the tsunami debris and warnings 

I found this one on the Internet - what it looked like before the written history above

            On our return to McMinnville, Beth pointed out Depoe Bay. 

Graham showed us where the hospital and community college were.  We also passed Evergreen Aviation but did not stop to see if it was even open.  (I would have thought more places would have been closed on Easter)

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