Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Salt Lake International

            We had asked Tony and Rochelle to house sit – not that our house needed sitting, but because we wanted them to have time to themselves and we thought that would give them the opportunity.

            After they arrived, we watched Walt Disney’s Into the Woods.  I was quite surprised when Ester joined me in the recliner.  She didn’t watch the entire movie, but she was in the recliner long enough for pictures. 

            Roland slept on the couch and I slept on the recliner while Tony and Rochelle took Ester in our room.  My, she was loud.  Enthusiastic.  Not even close to sleepy.  I don’t know what her parents did to hush her.

            I don’t know why I woke up just before 4:00.  I tried to continue sleeping.  At 4:00 a.m. I finally got up and went into the computer room to read.  I actually have three books going at the same time.  I was hoping to finish one of the library books as I did not wish to take a library book to Oregon.  I didn’t finish however, and I am at a really crucial part.

            At 5:30 Roland came in to find me and we woke up Jenna and told her to get dressed.  We also woke up Tony, who said he’d drive us to the airport.  Even if he changed his mind, his car was still behind ours.

            Tony did take us to the airport.  We packed his car – which was certainly a lot more roomy than our own.  We had seven pieces of luggage – though only one was large enough to have to be checked in.  But we had planned on checking in four pieces.

            We were told that the four pieces would be 110 dollars. What?!?  I don’t remember ever being charged for luggage before.  We were told that we were entitled to two carry-ons each.  And so we checked in the large suitcase (which actually is not all that large – just beyond carry-on size) for 25 dollars and then dragged the remaining six pieces to security.

            Roland and Jenna were pulled from the line and permitted through the first security gate right away.  I had to stand in line that led toward the other two gates.  After a while it was learned I was standing there without companions and was taken to the first gate where Jenna and Roland had gone through minutes earlier.  How weird.

            So after we had dragged all of our luggage from the baggage check to the gate, there was an announcement that the flight was full and  passengers were asked to voluntarily check in any carry-ons that they were willing. We had been willing – just not for a price.  We got to check in three pieces without expense.  Why couldn’t they have figured out their booking before we had to drag the pieces through security?  

            The plane was an older model.  I felt like we were flying in a relic.  I think there must have been turbulence on the way to Oregon.  Jenna’s flown before, but was too young to remember.  She enjoyed the flight.


  1. Since after 9-11 most airlines have charged for checked baggage.

  2. We went to Las Vegas and New Jersey when Jaime was a baby. I don't remember having been charged either time.