Thursday, April 16, 2015

Taking Oregon Home

In addition to the marvelous food that they fed us, Beth had packed a care package for us to take home.  Black corn on the cob for making popcorn, two jars of tuna that she had canned herself, and a jar of dried apples that we could munch while on the plane.

I packed the corn and tuna in the large check–in suitcase.  I carried the apples and ate some while at the airport.

After we got home, Jenna insisted we make the popcorn.  We have never had popcorn on the cob before.  Interesting.  

I made tuna fish sandwiches and they were delicious.  I have been fussy about tuna brands.  Thanks to Beth, I will probably never eat canned tuna again.  Her tuna was marvelous!

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