Friday, April 24, 2015

Front Yard Evolution

There were two trees and
an ungroomed and ugly hedge in
front of our house when
we moved in.
One was a sad looking
pine tree and the other was
a trash tree. 
Both needed to
come down in my opinion. 
And actually so did
the hedge, but we
couldn’t afford it.

The trash tree was
the first to go. 
It was either borrow a small
amount of money to take it out, or
pay the neighbors an outrageous sum
down the road because the roots
were pushing into her driveway.

We cut the hedge each week and
slowly got rid of some of it. 
We had the remainder taken out
after mom died. 

Jenna loved the pine tree. 
She’d often climb the ugly thing.
She begged us to keep it always. 
But after the last wind,
Roland noticed that it was leaning,
and the short roots were lifting up. 
So now we are rid of that tree. 
And Jenna is sad. 
But it’s not as though we
were planning on taking it with us
to Oregon. 
She was going to lose it eventually

Currently we have a bunch of
short logs on our lawn. 
It still looks better than
the trees or hedge did.

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