Monday, October 22, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Throughout the years I’ve written down a child’s interpretation (most from four year old minds) of what things are. Here are some of them:

Four years old, looking for a specific shade

Which one is “antler” brown?

On mortar:

Why are there grey lines
on grandma’s house?

Popeye looks just like Charlie
Brown, but he’s a smoker

On Saturday’s warrior video:

“It’s a happy sad show.  But
some of it is boring.”

“Are you sick because you’re
building a baby?”

tiger skin

snow snakes

Potato Paper

Why does the potato have trees

First corn dog discovery:

“There’s a hot dog inside!”

Egg Slobber

Adult complains about the small
amount of money that may accompany
a huge mound of paper work

“Well you are lucky.  I do
paper work at school all day long
and I don’t get paid anything”

The cave is scary
because it has teeth

 “If you look closely, you
can see feathers in the moon”

If you watch too much TV
you’ll get diarrhea

“I am so mad, I feel like a rhinoceros
that swallowed a rock”

“How do they get sunflowers
to grow inside of bagels?”

Trying to explain her first vomiting experience:

“My mouth broke”

Chucky fried Chicken

On Snowball Snacks

“I don’t really like the brown
part; I just like the skin.”

 “This cereal has no flavor”

It’s a twinkle twinkle little star

Set up for Easter egg hunt:

 “Where the Easter Eggs grow”

No matter who answered the phone:

 “Is this the number for
Grandma June’s House?”

Identifying Chewbacca

Han Solo’s lion

“Mama!  Mama!  God just took my picture!”

 Grape bones

“Mama! Mama!  Kayla ate the baby Jesus”

When Fival falls overboard my
niece is genuinely concerned:

“Does Fival ever get to see his mom
and dad get married in the temple?”

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