Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well, I Don’t Want to be His Facebook Friend

I have been getting a few friend requests from people I don’t know.  Initially when I joined the names of your friends and their friends and perhaps even your friend’s friend’s friends, and I had the option of requesting friendship – but as facebook has been changed so many  times, perhaps the request just comes automatically?

     I know only one person in Thailand and had received a request from another.  So I asked my son: Who is she.  He said he did not know her.  Why would someone from Thailand put in a request with a total stranger in the US?  I did not accept the friend request.  I checked the box that facebook provided.

     I smile when I hear others comment about requests that they’ve received.  It’s actually nice to create pages for groups such as the ward or neighborhood watch or school, etc.  Sometimes it’s nice to be informed of activities that are going on or news updates or what have you.  But sometimes – even though that person may be informative – there are certain individuals that you don’t want to friend.

     I smile when I think about a former neighbor who had such a problem with someone in the ward:  “Why is he sending this friend request to me? What would [husband] think?  I don’t want to be Mr. Information’s friend!”

     I laughed.

     “I’m already facebook friends with him”

     I don’t know why, but facebook gave me five friends to start out with.  My brother said that was unusual.  And neither one of us can explain why the five names came up that did. I knew all five of them.  But (no offense to them) there was only one that I had a close relationship to.  I would have actually picked five other people if I had been given the choice)

     There are names that have been added to my list throughout the years – and some that have been unfriended. Mostly by accident – I am great at hitting the wrong button.  Some that weren’t posting or commenting and so I didn’t know if they were still even on facebook.  And some who’s language I found offensive and just didn’t even care to read about them anymore.  And because either they defriended or facebook did.  (I lost about a dozen or so people during one of the facebook makeovers)

     Joining facebook is fun.  You feel a sense of pride with each name that is added.  You’re on it all the time!  It’s new.  It’s wonderful.  And some are diligent at signing on to facebook everyday – others may never sign off.  But after a while some are at a loss.  We check our facebook on occasion.  Look for updates or new photos.  But are generally in and out in less than twenty minutes.

     I considered dropping out a couple of times – but on the last attempt (when I thought I was serious) I really couldn’t figure out how to do it.  Just as well.

     My nephew-in-law had created a group for those of us who were looking in after mom.  To keep us all on the same page of what was going on.  We still use it, but not as often as we did before we moved her into assisted living. And my nephew-in-law has actually removed himself from the group.  Funny.

     Facebook has its perks.  I liked when we could message others without being friends – so we could explain who we are, how we know them, our purpose in messaging etc.  But facebook has taken that away.  Evidently there is an “other” box that non-friends can send their messages.  I have no clue where this box exists.  I would like to read my messages – I think.

A while back we could actually put the subject of our message so that the recipient would be able to let the title influence the decision of opening the message.  But now we get that stupid chat box pop up when sending messages. Often throws me off. I prefer the way it used to be.
Even though there are many who like what facebook has to offer and spend time using it to our advantage, it has also been poorly mismanaged by some who have left greatly offended by comments made and bashing.  You don’t get personal on facebook.  Maybe there’s some who can.  I choose not to. 

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