Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Anniversary – You’re Outta Here!

Just off of I5 sits Myrtle Creek. There is a Dairy Queen near the freeway’s exit. My first introduction was on June 5th when sweet Denise drove me back from Roseburg to Myrtle Creek so that I could secure the property where I currently live.  We ate at the Dairy Queen before we went back to Roseburg and parted ways.  (See this post)

Roland and Jenna also visited the same Dairy Queen just a week later.  We’ve been there a few times, but not often.  Occasionally Roland has surprised Jenna and me with DQ treats that he’s picked up when he’s been out driving – or as with this photo from this post

Jenna and I have enjoyed Dilly Bars, ice cream cones and peanut butter parfaits.  It now appears that our ice cream treats may be a thing of the past – at least for the remainder of this year.  

Yesterday we decided we would go to DQ for Family Home Evening – eat a little something – listen to Jenna tell us about her first day.  A sign on the marquee said:

Closing Aug 31st
Reopening Nov 1st


         The DQ that has been a part of this town since 1949 (although not named DQ until a later date) New ownership wants to call it: Tommy’s All American Burgers.


         We had no clue that when we went to the DQ, it would be for the last time – not by choice, but because it was the last day it would be opened under that name. 

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