Friday, September 18, 2015

Monopoly is NOT my Favorite Game

          I don't recall ever having liked the game Monopoly.  First of all, it involved math.  Collecting properties had its perks I guess.  I always wanted the utilities and railroads.  Buying houses and hotels never seemed all that exciting to me.  I always ended up being out of the game when I'd land on them - unless I was playing it with my brother and his friends (which I don't think I ever was) who would milk the game and owe one another to be paid back "whenever you do get the money - or a little at a time - each time you pass go"  Wasn't Monopoly already too long of a game?  I don't like Monopoly.

          Jenna LOVES Monopoly.  Seems good at it.  I beat her for the first time tonight.  It was all well and good when I landed on her hotel infested property, but it wasn't so cool when she landed on mine.  Takes after my mom who was somewhat a sore loser - but she was even a worse winner.  Jenna gloats.  Like me, her favorite things to collect are the railroads and utilities.  The rules vary when we play by ourselves.  When Roland joins us there isn't as much lenience.  We have to mortgage everything.  Jenna and I will make bargains with unmortgaged   property in order to get out of debt. Whatever.

          I don't like Monopoly still.  Same reasons as before but as an adult I cringe at being able to mortgage for only half and sell hotels and houses back to the bank for far less than what we paid for them - sort of like owning property in real life and trying to get loans and having our life events change at the throw of the dice.  Monopoly is not fun.  Paying taxes is not fun.  Having the banks milk you for more money than they fork out - Monopoly is not just a game.  It's real life.  And I don't like it.

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