Monday, February 20, 2017

My Hair Loved WEN, my Scalp . . . Not so Much . . .

          I had heard that a lawsuit had been brought against WEN® Hair Care Products,  although I hadn't known when or why.  I recently looked it up on line.  I don't know how many articles share this information as I read through only a few.  I personally haven't had a problem with the product itself.  If there was any hair loss, it went unnoticed.   I LOVED the product.  I immediately felt a tremendous difference with the texture of my hair and Jenna's hair.  I could actually attempt to style our hair without cringing.  I loved the feel of my hair and heard that it smelled great.  I wasn't happy with the "build-up" that seemed to be forming on my scalp - though I never blamed WEN.  As I have stated in several posts before, I have a LOT of hair.  Often the thickness gets in the way and my scalp doesn't always get a proper rinse. 

          The WEN ads made sense to me - why do we feel the need to have a shampoo to clean and then a conditioner to tame the blow of the harsh shampoo?  WEN claimed their product (the cleanser cream) replaced 5 bottles (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in-conditioner, detangler) but then they mail you a kit with SIX containers.  I was interested in their conditioneing cleanser, not their anit-frizz or treatment mist . . . come on!  Why are you sending me six things to replace five?  And that hurtful brush!  They must have had an overstock and started including those in packages.  No thank you.  I wanted the cleanser ONLY

          I don't know how many packages arrived before they finally got it down to just two bottles of cleanser only, but they were still sending them too often.  I think if I used the product two or three times daily, I may have run out, but I finally called and put a permanent stop to it.  I said I'd be moving to Oregon and may provide my address at a later time.  I have moved twice since leaving Utah and have run out of cleanser but do have two tubes of the anti-frizz left.  Do those things expire?
          I don't plan on starting back up again.  I do miss how my hair felt.  But my scalp does not miss it.  Attorney Amy Davis (here) explained it this way, " It’s like using lotion to wash your hair. So instead of removing the product when you rinse it off, it just becomes impacted in your hair follicle.” Okay, I can agree with that comparison - although I think "lotion" would have been gentler to my scalp.  Build-up made it itch.  But I've always had dry scalp.  It wasn't just when I used WEN.   though the itch seemed to be more present when I was using WEN.

          Everybody’s scalp is different.  We all have different hair types.  We all have various reactions.  I Things happen.  Sometimes we have control.  Many times we do not.    I’m not trying to endorse the product, nor do I defend them.  There are things I loved about the product, there are some things that didn’t work for me.  That’s life.  

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