Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Where I'm at With College

            I am now in my eighth mod (school credit courses crammed into a four week period) at school.  I have taken thirteen classes (ten credited), have had twelve instructors, 33.6 credits and have maintained a 4.0 average (which for me is quite an accomplishment)

            For three weeks we are required to post and participate in a discussion. Only five of my classes offered a discussion during the fourth week.  Thus far all of my female instructors have made comments to each student on the discussion board except for one week my English instructor (see here). I think that week was just an exception for that class, or so I am guessing.

            Each week for three weeks students are graded upon discussion, an assignment, and an assessment.  References are required when posting discussions.  I spend more time researching for references.  I don't like how time-consuming it is.  I like to post as soon as possible so that I don't use the same reference as another classmate - as though I wasn't able to find one on my own.

        The fourth week is generally the easiest (for me anyway).  Before the student can even start the fourth week, a survey is required for rating the class and instructor. One cannot sign into Canvas until the survey is filled out.  We also have to fill out a career integration and take a final assessment (usually it's a quiz, but I have had a few on either excel or word).  That is usually all there is. 

             5 of my classes have had a fourth-week discussion and I guess about half of my classes have had a fourth-week assignment in addition to the assessment.  Only three of my 'fourth weeks' have had four things to turn in rather than the usual three or the fourth weeks normal two.   

         I notice that the female instructors (thus far anyway) have been very different from the males, and while I've only had three assigned male instructors, I've had exposure to four.

            Females seem to put more passion into their lectures, and they comment on every post. They are also strict about posting on different days and creating an actual discussion.  My male teachers haven't seemed to care when anything is posted. Most of my instructors have been female. I had one male instructor who would comment on every post - it was the computer training class, and I think he was required to set an example.  Though I only had been assigned three male instructors, I have had exposure to four.

           I had one professor (here) who enjoyed class participation but was very hard to follow.  I usually sat through the lectures of another who taught the same class.  He would spend 40-45 minutes reviewing the last week's work.  Often it seemed that he was just going through the motions and would rather be most anywhere than at the computer giving a lecture.

            The instructor I have now DOESN'T cover anything from the last week.  It hasn't been graded yet.  He doesn't grade until the following Tuesday (the morning after his lecture).  For the most part, I can understand what he's saying - though sometimes he sounds like he's either bored with the routine or the subject itself.  Overall, I think he is probably quite lenient with the grading. The subject at present is taking taxes and other wages out of payroll (as mentioned here)  

              This is where Roland wants my focus right now.  I'm not bored.  I am angry.  I have tried so hard to keep my emotions out of it.  Surprisingly, there are very few in the class who haven't expressed emotion.  Also surprising is that I am doing very well in this class.  It's my third accounting class and I believe the best grades of the three.  So evidently I am understanding it.  Not agreeing with it, but understanding the concepts, I guess.

            Only 147.5 credits to go.

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