Wednesday, March 29, 2017

LaTiesha and Jenna's Downtown Adventure

The "Service Engine" light came on in the car.  I took the car to the mechanic's downtown.  I told Jenna we would walk around downtown while Mike looked at the car. 

Today is Vietnam Veteran's Day, and even though it was raining, the flags were up and the first picture I took was this one.

I didn't have my camera.  My cell phone made the images appear a lot darker than I think it really was.  I tried to fix them in the computer, but my efforts only seemed to make it worse. 

Just 17 months ago, I had gone downtown with Jenna for trick-or-treating.  There were a lot more vacant buildings then than what I found today. 

I was surprised to find so many businesses open before 10:00 (if at all) but we did find some that were closed and some that were vacant

Jenna kept on making faces at me each time I would lift the phone

I don't know if Rice Brothers and Adams was founded in 1915 or just the building was.

I took pictures of the merchandise that are still displayed in the window.

Across the street from the Mercantile is the historic Citizen's State Bank (no longer open for business)

I think this piece may have belonged to the store with the "winter hours" .  I don't know if they know it's spring as it has been raining and raining and raining; perhaps they have not looked at a calendar or seen the blossoms?

Jenna and I both through the chair was interesting.  But there was so much reflection on so many of the pictures I took - they look like pictures that have been overexposed.

Homestead was closed, but unlike the mercantile, homestead is open for business.  Didn't get much (because of the reflections) but here are a few samples of what we saw

It was while I was taking pictures at the homestead that I learned the Jenna does not care for the term "Ma'am"
Next door to Homestead is a business that has not yet opened (but the building is no longer vacant)

They had passed out treat bags on Halloween.  I was excited to see the word "Bakery" and kept the bags so we could collect.  Unfortunately it is for dog treats as the bakery caters to non-human animals.

Jenna said she was tired and wanted to stop walking.  Come on, girl.  Downtown is not that big.  We should have walked it all and returned to the mechanic within twelve minutes.

She wanted to take me to a building that the school passes each day

We went across the street to take more pictures.  She was so majorly disappointed to discover that the license plates weren't real, but all part of a curtain fabric

 I had her take a few pictures of me just to prove that I was actually downtown with her.

I took a picture of this wild tree that would roam the neighborhood until the owners put it in a cage

This is by the AG parking lot and here is the AG Market and a truck that happened to be making a delivery

Across the street from the market is a tea room called the Painted Lady.  This is a view from the side

The Rio was a theatre that closed down long before we arrived.  Apparently it is still used for business, but not on Wednesdays.

Cool that they kept the posters (I imagine the last two pictures played before the theatre closed)

We also stopped by City Hall (which is where Friends of Myrtle Creek Library will be meeting from now on)

The police are located in the adjoining building on the other side

Jenna had asked me what the carving was next to her.  I didn't know but I took her picture.

I probably should have asked Josh when he came out to say "Hi".  I asked him if he would mind taking a picture of the both of us.

There have been construction projects all around the town.  Highly unusual.  It almost felt like we were in Utah again.  I don't know why this picture came out so dark.  My attempt to lighten it only made it darker.

and some more pictures of us

Jenna wanted to know what this building was next to the hair salon.  I went across the street to get a picture; the front had looked vacant, but  from the side it looks to be residential.  Perhaps I just took a picture of somebody's house?

She saw a payphone and thought we ought to walk to it as they are so rare now.

Behind her was a wall of masterpiece illustration.

the phone is in the way of the "hornet" which is Coffenberry mascot.  So here are a few parts up close.

Coffenberry Middle School Hornets         Cougar Canyon Golf Course
Rodeo is a big event

After we picked up the car, we drove to "Rip off" Rays and turned in our cans

Roland had pizza for us when we returned home.

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