Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One Concept at a Time - Temples  

            President and Sister Landon were dressed in their temple clothes.  They asked questions about how the temple made us feel, why we go to the temple, and what does the temple represent.  I was both pleased and surprised to learn that "Understand Temple Ordinances" had been Sharon's favorite.  She had her hand up to answer questions and participate.  

            I love to hear Pres. Landon speak.  He mentioned two of his grandchildren - cousins that are 3 and 4.  He had told us about the three-year-old before. She will often whine about whatever and say, "I can't do it.  It's too hard." (and he whines as he quotes her - which is most effective) 

            The four year old seemed uninvolved and quiet and often misunderstood.  It turned out that she needed glasses.  When she wore those glasses for the first time, she looked up at the stars - in taking the beauty.  Mesmerized almost.   Pres. Landon said that while she was out-side star gazing, her six-year-old sister (who didn't need glasses to assist with her vision) sat beside her and the four-year-old removed her glasses and handed them to the six-year-old (not realizing the 6-yr-old had been able to see them all along) and asked her if she would like to use them so that she could see the beauty in the sky. 

            I actually don't know which example he started with.  But isn't it amazing how different people react?  We are all children who react in the same manner.  Some of us whine  "I can't do it.  It's too hard" while others do their best to share their joy.   

            I think occasionally I am like the four-year-old.  Occasionally.  Overall I am more like the three-year-old whining  "I can't do it.  It's too hard." or "I know I can do it, but I don't want to.  I don't want this trial anymore.  I don't."  I want to lose the three-year-old part of myself and be the one who shares the joy.

            There were a few years when I was really good about going to the temple once a week or a few times a month . . . and then I allowed it to fade.  I went with the youth to Medford temple just once.  I have never gone through a session.  And honestly I haven't missed it - though I did enjoy the sense of peace I felt within the temple.  I did enjoy the solitude of "putting the world behind me" I don't see or feel the worldliness in Myrtle Creek as I did in Salt Lake. 

            We should go to the temple because we want to.  As of now, I really don't want to. 

            We then broke for lunch.  Roland had gone with us to help set-up, clean-up and serve.  He wore a purple shirt.  He was supposed to wear a white shirt and a tie.  He hadn't received the message. I don't know that any of the women cared.  Eva, who sat at my table, really liked Roland's purple shirt.  He is leader material.  Wouldn't have made any difference if he'd been wearing white.  He asked several questions to those "supposedly-in-charge"  He doesn't mind helping, but it would be nice if he were given direction.  After receiving too many "I don't know"s Roland put himself in charge and said, "This is how we're going to do it" and gave direction.  He doesn't do it to insult anyone.  He's just a take charge guy.  He told the men to be sure and ask at each table if there was anyone who had special dietary needs. 

            Eva's pretty "take-charge" herself.  When Sharon announced that she couldn't eat her salad, Eva volunteered to go to the kitchen to get some more chicken and rice.  She said she would eat the salad.  She LOVES salad.  She brought back a plate with Chicken rice and fresh broccoli but Sharon said she could chew the broccoli either.  It wasn't until then that I realized Sharon  didn't have any teeth.  So then I wondered how she was able to eat her meat. 

            Eva left the table periodically in order to mingle with other folk. It was fun to watch her enthusiasm.  There were two different desserts.  An overly tangy lemon pudding or a sugarless Jell-O that everybody seemed to like better.  No birthday cake this year. 

            Neither Eva nor Sharon were able to finish what was on their plates.  They got extra plates to cover their food and a box to cart around to their next four classes. 

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