Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I'm Grateful for A-Z

My brother added to his Blog a Thanksgiving list in alphabetical order.  He adapted it from somebody else’s Blog – and now I am doing the same.

A       Agency        I am grateful for the opportunity to make choices. And for the freedoms that others have (and continue still) sacrificed so that I may enjoy my freedoms.

B        Brothers      I have always been closer to the younger one of the two – but both have been examples to me.  Both are active in Church.  One currently serves in the bishopric while the other will never have a calling – yet he serves in another capacity.  Each are on a quite a different journey.  Both remind me of my dad.

C       camera        I have always been grateful for the opportunity to preserve memories through photos and film

D       dad             what a great example of gratitude and prayer, humility and quiet strength – not just mine but the way my husband is to all children

E        Education    I received a fairly decent education in my youth.  Now there are charter schools, dual immersion programs, smart boards and the Internet – none of which exsisted when I was a youth.  I am grateful for the opportunities that my daughter has and will have at furthering her education.

F        foundations   I am grateful for the solidness of many friendships and my faith and religion and for the organization of things in my life

G       God             A knowledge of deity.  Being able to feel His presence.  All good things come from God.  G for goodness as well

H       Hospitality     I’m grateful to others for their assistance and also when I am in a position to help others.

I         imagination and invention – sometimes I think they work hand in hand. 

J        my daughter’s name starts with J.  I have enjoyed watching her grow – making discoveries, listening to her sing.  She truly is a miracle in our lives.  That is a post in itself.
K       knowledge   I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to learn and the availability for research and materials right at our fingertips.

L        light            It helps me see and find things – both physically and metaphorically

M       Music          I enjoy all kinds really, Christmas, children’s, contemporary Christian.  I enjoy vocals and instrumentals alike.  The world gets too quiet when there is no music

N       nurturing    I praise those that are able to provide guidance for those around them – to cater to individual needs without taking away from another.

O       Organization         I like knowing I can go to any ward (a geographical boundary for the Church) I will learn the same message and lessons and unity. 

P        paper          that’s where thoughts start – what my artistic daughter draws on.  Something more personal than the computer provides.  Homework, notes, letters, instruction . . .  ideas (for me) start out on paper

Q       quilt            I have a good friend who made a quilt for my husband and me over ten years ago – actually he’s made a number of quilts for children and grandchildren . . . quilts have a metaphorical meaning, too.  Patching pieces together – the fabric of our lives

R       my husband’s name starts with an R.  He shares many personality traits with my mother.  But he is a one of a kind gem like my dad was.  He’s extraverted – whereas dad and my brothers are introverted.  But they are all gems.

S        Sacrifice      I am grateful for those who are willing to give up something to benefit someone else.  I am grateful to those who came before me (pioneers) who risked so much to give us a better future.

T        teachers      educators by profession as well as those who are fine examples or are just blessed with the eloquence of words that help me understand or give my daughter their time

U       Understanding      I don’t always understand the explanations – but I am grateful when I do and I am grateful for the times that we can work things out through our understanding

V       Vacations    I used to travel with my family during the summer.  We most often went to Yellowstone or Disneyland.  I’ve not had many vacations with my current family for financial reasons. Vacations are just memories for me now.

W       written words       so many gifted authors and bloggers and shared life experiences and entertainment too.  I enjoy reading and I have always loved to write.

X       X marks the spot  I’m grateful for untangible treasures like knowledge, faith, wisdom, service . . . my husband and I are NOT blessed with financial treasures.  But we are rich in so many other ways.

Y       youth          I love rediscovering things through their eyes. I love their honesty and simplicity.

Z        Zion            or at least the idea of Zion

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