Friday, July 27, 2012

Personalities of the Hundred Acre Wood

          I don’t know if I first noticed the resemblance between Jenna and Tigger (from Disney’s Winnie-the-Pooh) or Frances and Eyore – I’m thinking the latter.
 Frances would often wear shirts with logos that were either Tinkerbelle or Eyore.  I once thought “Frances could be Eyore” kind of sluggish, not very pleasant, somewhat of a pessimist – which is sad – because she hadn’t always been like that. 

          The transformation probably took place within the first couple of years after she received her first period.  And perhaps it was during those times I would happen to see her that she was going through PMS or whatever.  She’d become lazy, had always been careless.  She could easily misplace her tail.  Frances was Eyore.

          Jenna has been enthusiastically pouncing for almost six or seven years.  As with Tigger, she doesn’t do it maliciously – she just gets excited.  Since I’d been picking her up from pre-school or the sitters or wherever, she has run to and embraced me at full speed and amazingly hasn’t yet knocked me over.

          She is not made of rubber and springs – and I’m definitely not.  Though I’ve tried to tame her, she still continues to pounce.  Jenna IS Tigger.

          That got me to wondering if the restof us   had personality traits that would resemble those that lived in the 100 acre wood.  Up until then I guess I hadn’t thought of each character as a different personality trait.  But now I do.

          I assigned myself to be Rabbit as Rabbit often feels uptight about stupid things that he can’t control.  Let it go.  Move on.  No, not Rabbit.  He seems to focus on the things that upset him.  Maybe not.

          Rabbit’s actually a harder worker than I am.  LOVES gardening.  I don’t loathe it so much as I just don’t care for the overall temperature that seems to come with gardening (put me indoors with an air conditioner) but does seem to often snap at others.  I REALLY NEED to shed this personality trait.  It’s not a desirable one.  But I do tend to get uptight about circumstances and wish I would stop.

          Roland is definitely Kanga.  He seems to possess maternal instincts and sometimes will coddle our children – particularly when they don’t want to be coddled.  He’s a worrier, provider, a nurturer and supervisor among other things. 

          I decided that Biff would be Winnie-the-Pooh.  Pooh’s one focus is with “hunny”.  Biff’s is the gym.  Stuffed with fluff?  Not exactly.  Biff works out.  He would never get stuck in Rabbit’s hole for example.  But he does have the same loveable qualities found in pooh bear. And there are times that I have wondered if his head might not be full of cotton.

          Tony and Pamprin are both playful.  Both would like to hold hands with someone who will make the decision.  Of course I don’t know Pamprin near as well as I know Tony.  He likes to laugh.  He likes to play.  But he has definite signs of responsibility.  Both Tony and Pamprin have changed diapers.  I wouldn’t think too many of the hundred acre wood characters would even know how to do that.

          Randy is wise.  I considered the owl – though the owl seems kind of squirrely to me at times.  I made Randy Christopher Robin – as Christopher Robin is more of the observer outside of the 100 acre woods and can come and go at his desire.  Randy has been coming and going since he was nine (possibly sooner).  Sometimes he’s a part of us, but often he chooses to let us work it out amongst ourselves.

          Wasn’t that a wonderful post?


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