Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Wonderful, Fabulous, Miraculous GPS (Global positioning system)

          For those of us who are directionally challenged, the GPS is the best device ever!
          Roland had won a GPS in a contest through his work.  It was about a week or two before we had gone to another state to see his family over a year ago.

          Roland makes jokes that Jenna must have been injected with a phonographic needle when she’d receive her shots.  It took her a while before she started talking, but once she got it, she hasn’t shut up..

Jenna would start talking at the same time the GPS would vocalize directions.  Jenna became annoyed and said, “Gosh, she’s bossy!”

This last time we had gone, I was fidgeting for something else but hit the GPS in error.  Roland looked at me rather puzzled and asked what the GPS had said.  “Go 108 miles and turn left” 
Oh, thank you for the heads up!

          Randy wants a GPS with a sense of humor.  “You have just missed your turn!  Just kidding”
          Lately I have had a couple of problems with getting the right information however.  Somehow the GPS thinks I’m in a location where I am really not.  For instance, I asked it to find a credit union near my mom’s house.  The nearest locations it gave me were not “near” at all.  And the GPS can’t tell you how much construction will be in said path to said destination. 

          I like that it tells you the speed limit and lets you know what speed limit is being driven.  At least ours does.

          For the most part it is the most awesome thing to have.  What a great invention!

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