Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poor Highness

            I wish that I could take Highness on the bus with me.  I know thered be complaints.  Hes a good dog.  He really is.  But  he does tend to get loud when he gets excited.  And sometimes his excitement can be conveyed as threatening.  And there is no way Im going to try to lift him anyway. 

      He has really been missing Biff who is actually home right now.  He did let Highness into his room initially.  Biff wants to sleep.  Highness wants to be walked and stroked.  He hasnt been getting the attention that he seeks right now especially by way of walking.

      I have taken him on occasional walks between my two bus commutes, but not very often.  The walk between bus stops and destinations can take a lot out of a me especially now that the weather has turned. 

      Yesterdays commute was not so bad going.  Each time I was riding in the direction toward her school  the bus was about the usual speed (twenty minutes) but coming home was another story.  It was cold.  It was wet.  It was bumper to bumper.  No one was going more than four miles an hour.  What is normally a ten minute commute (by car) was over an hour heading home.

      Buses were behind schedule ten minute, twenty minutes . . .  our first bus driver appeared to be on time.  But the second one said he was an hour behind schedule.  Can you imagine?

      The sun is out today, but the roads are icy.  I tried taking Highness for a walk but Im afraid of slipping.  Perhaps Jennas teacher would be willing to bring us home tonight?  

      I tried taking Highness at least around the block.  I only made it to the second corner before turning back.  I think he could actually do it by himself, but Im not willing to send him out unsupervised.  So for the time being he is tied to the flagpole out in front.  Weird dog would rather be tied up in front than have the freedom to wander in the back.  Im not wanting to ignore him, but I do have other things to tend to.  

      Im glad Biff is home.  Even though our visit was brief and he is trying to sleep now.  He said hed give Highness a bath.  I think that Highness is in strong need of it.

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