Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The weathermen said that it would snow yesterday. 
It did 
for about twelve minutes.  

Soft flurries fell lightly 
as Jenna and I crossed the street. 
Huge flakes fell quickly 
as Juan left the car. 
By the time we got Jenna to school,  
it had stopped.  

Signs of snow dusted a few lawns  
and seemingly seemed to miss others.  
How could that be
when the yards were right next door to one another? 
And yet there were patches of green 
amongst the white dusted lawns.

At 8:30 I took the umberella
and walked to a bus stop
to take a bus that I’ve been on only one time before.  
I put my unused umberella into my backpack
before the bus arrived. 
I got off at the TRAX station
and walked to the bank
to make a deposit.   

I returned to take the train. 
Before I sat down
I removed my coat and swater. 
I put my sweater
in the backpack. 
I did not return my coat
until just before the train stopped
at the station near the main road. 
I then got off to catch another bus
and returned home. 

The entire trip took less than 50 minuts. 
I was back home at 9:22. 
The air was moist but
I never needed the umbrella.

I wished I had thought
to turn the heat down before I left. 
The hot air was blaring at me
when I walked through the door. 
I went into my room and
turned the fan on. 

This morning I actually got cold. 
I don’t know why. 
Between 3:30 and 4:00 I wrapped myself in the bedding. 
Roland lay without covers. 
Something’s wrong.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked. 
Surely if I’m cold,
he must be freezing.

“Aren’t you hot?” he asks. 
For surely if he’s hot,
I must be roasting.

And yet we lay in bed
in reverse roles. 
I was dumbfounded.

At four I got up
as the Aleve was wearing off.
I went into the main bathroom
and took a warm to hot shower. 
I could feel the warm air blowing
before the warm water poured over my body. 
And I was still cold. 
Does this mean
I’m coming down with something?

When I returned to the bed,
Roland was still without cover. 
And I was still cold. 
He did leave the house
wearing a sweater underneath his coat. 
And I am wearing a sweatshirt. 
Currently it is dark outside.

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