Thursday, February 11, 2016

4:30 temperature is Perfect

This month started out with the pattern of sunshine, sunshine, overcast, rain, sunshine, sunshine, overcast, rain.  I thought it might continue, but the last few days have been rather warm. Well, compared to Februarys’ past.

It’s crazy that I would wish the air conditioners were up.  Never would I have ever considered turning on the A/C in February while living in Utah.  There is still snow on the ground and I generally don’t want take walks outside.  But I am fine being outdoors in Oregon. 

75 degrees really is not that hot.  But 69 is perfect.  I like being outdoors when it’s between 68 and 72.  Anything above 72 seems too warm to me.  And the inside temperature is always hotter than the outside.

Roland had turned the heat down in the bedroom.  He’s unable to turn his own heat down, however.  And he likes to cuddle.  Snuggling with his is like being smothered by a humongous hot water bottle.  I left the bed and went into the living room and opened the door that leads to the garage.  I fell asleep comfortably.

At the Roland’s request, I have started packing up boxes.  One of the boxes I packed contains shorts.  I’m finding the denim is too warm on my legs and may be returning to the garage to reclaim my packed shorts.  But then it will probably rain for sure.

I really do like the weather in Oregon.

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