Friday, February 5, 2016

Jumping the Gun

    “Jumping the Gun” is a phrase I’ve used before – and although I knew what it meant, I didn’t understand its origin – so why on earth would I use a phrase that I myself didn’t understand?

    I looked it up online and came across an explanation of foot racing (though I suppose it could find to any other kind as well) in which a gun was fired to start the race.  The runner who was “jumping the gun” was the runner who took off (or attempted to) before the gun was fired.  Thus “jumping the gun” is acting before the proper time.

    We have been house hunting since before Christmas.  Our initial offer made on a house (here in Oregon) was made on December 1.  But we couldn’t get the kind of loan that we had planned for, and so we had to withdraw. 

    Meanwhile, we still owned a house in Utah but have signed that over to our youngest son.  He and his wife have signed the papers.  We have signed the papers.  We’re just waiting for it to record.  It was supposed to record January 29.  

    Our youngest son called us to complain that the house hadn’t been put in his name.  What does he want us to do about it?  We can’t get the other loan that would work for us as long as we own property with the same kind of loan.  And the closing DRAGS ON.

    Our offer was accepted after a painful wait (paper work resigned, countering to another offer) – same house as before.  And we have been approved for a loan – almost twice the amount as what we need.  We’ve been approved.  We don’t actually HAVE the loan.  I don’t know how long the waiting process is here in Oregon, but in my experience with Utah – closings seldom ever happen on first specified closing date – sometimes not even on the third try.  I hope things run more smoothly for us in Oregon.

    Roland told me to start packing, which in my opinion, is jumping the gun.  We don’t know what red flags (another phrase with this possible lengthy story) the creditor is going to find.  Our WV house not recording would definitely be a red flag.  And believe you me, if there’s something to find (and even when there isn’t) they will find.

    When we left Utah, all the boxes I had packed were sealed shut, to be put on a truck for a 13 hour drive.  I don't have to shut boxes for the move here.  Just fold them shut - if I choose to fold them at all.  Roland wants everything taken in the car - everything that will fit anyway, and he will rent a truck for the furniture that obviously isn't going to fit.  Thus we'll have to make several trips between houses.  It will take longer to load and offload than the drive itself.  Hopefully our loan will go through and there won't be any bumps.  I would love to experience a smooth ride.

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