Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scrambled Weekend

            Yesterday felt like a Saturday.  Jenna was off because of parent teacher conference – which evidently was by invitation only.  I hadn’t been contacted – which they say is a good thing – but they said I could make a last minute appointment if they had the room.

            So our appointment was for 7:50.  I dragged Roland to get a feel of what was needed for her math assignments and to assist with anything else.  He has worked a lot of parent-teacher conferences.  A LOT!  I remember many a years attempting to visit with the boys’ teachers all by myself.  Once it was 21 teachers for all three boys together.  I also had the challenge of maneuvering Jenna in her stroller when the boys were in high school.

            Parent-Teacher conferences are done differently in Myrtle Creek than in Salt Lake.  Appointments in Salt Lake were made for elementary school, but not junior high and high school.  At Coffenbury (the middle school where Jenna attends) appoinments are made to meet with all instructors at once – though I’ve actually never met with all seven of them at one time.  Yesterday there were only four, but our concerns were met.  We had left Jenna at home.

            Yesterday felt like a Saturday overall.  We had gone to  big city of Roseburg to do some shopping.  Jenna had some specific things that she wanted to get in order to make a science project (something she has been doing since kindergarten – even when there was no assignment) and we decided to get some groceries while we were in town. 

            Roland was off because he is working today.  Once a month he has to work a Saturday and is usually off the proceeding Friday – but we’ve made acceptions for other days before he went on his remote assignment.  Before we moved to Oregon.

            In Utah, he would work from 7 – 4.  He still does those hours – still on mountain time.  But as we're now on Pacific time,  he is really working from 6 – 3.  It is nice having him get off at three.  Except for Thursdays.  On Thursdays he works from 10 – 7.

            As Roland is at work at Jenna is home, and I’m forcing her to help me do laundry, it still feels like a weekday instead of a Saturday.  I don’t know where my mind will be focused on tomorrow.

            We won’t have our regular church meetings tomorrow.  There will be a live broadcast from Salt Lake to be viewed by the western region (or so is my understanding) and so we’ll be returning to the big city of Roseburg.  

            Monday’s a holiday.  Both Roland and Jenna are off.  I’m guessing we’ll end up in Roseburg again.  Roland has been wanting to go to the movies for the last two months.  We had actually made plans for a date for yesterday afternoon.  That was before we realized that Jenna would not be going to school.  We did have breakfast together yesterday morning.  But I know he still wants to go to the movie.  Perhaps we’ll make a trip out to Grants Pass or Medford.  We’ll have to see.

            Four day weekend for Jenna.  Seems like her four day weekends always fall on the Saturdays when Roland is scheduled to work.  Weird.  

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