Friday, February 8, 2013

I Can’t Hear You!

          Last year I had a sinus infection that put pressure on my eyes.  This year it’s my right ear.  It’s been clogging and feels like it does when I’ve been on a plane.  I thought it was the air quality that was turning me deaf.

          Jenna happened to be sitting next to me when she looked in my ear and told me it was pretty bad.  Apparently it’s a wax build up.  It didn’t hurt – but has been greatly annoying as my hearing’s been distorted, my thinking has been distorted and my balance has been out of wack.

          So I set up an appointment to get my ears flushed (I had thought it was both ears) believing that the doctor’s office may be equipped with a greater tool than a syringe.  This particular clinic is not. How pathetic.  The water that was used wasn’t even that warm. 

          I remember when I was in junior high, I had the same problem.  An ear, nose and throat specialist swiped his tool over the blobby wax several times- removing it in pieces.  Finally he was able to grab what remained. It hurt when he pulled it out.  He said it had been as big as an eraser – I would imagine one that is purchased to top a pencil – not the one that comes with the pencil itself.  What had been pulled from my ear was larger than the canal itself.

All the sudden all noises around me were extremely loud.  Even toilet paper was loud.  And I feel like the wad of wax in my ear today must be the same size – or larger.  The syringe didn’t work (what a surprise) nor the sticky substance that was put in my ear beforehand.

It may have loosened enough for the doctor to look to the canal and see it had been inflamed.  Evidently the wax had been damming a large pool of blood. So now I have pain in addition to the vermin that is plugging my ear. (I imagine it feels like a pencil eraser has been crammed into my ear) I am now emotionally out of wack as well as annoyed.  (But then I’ve been quite emotional all year)

The doctor prescribed antibiotics which I started taking yesterday.  There is also an eardrop prescription that I can’t start using for four days (the canal needs time to heal) meanwhile I feel like I am in a fog.  I feel what my mom must feel with her dementia.  

I don’t wish to socialize or clean or drive or even Blog.  At least I can sit still with the latter two – but still need to have some degree of being focused. Thank heaven for spell check and proof reading (perhaps I should have posted how it originally read so that you can see for yourself how fantastically wrong my mind seems to be working)

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