Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nice Going, Mother Nature!

Many mornings
After Roland has gone to work
I’ll open the bathroom window
Because I am hot

I‘ll leave the window open all day
And Roland will close it
After I fall asleep
Because he is cold

When we went to
Aunt Neone’s funeral last year
It was cool jacket weather
At least in Salt Lake City
Where the funeral was held

But the burial was in another county
Where it was cold
And snowing a theatre snow.
The snow itself did not seem real
But we all could have used coats.

Monday was hot.  Roland had left
The window open and the fan was on
I don’t even think he was covered entirely
With blankets as he usually is

And yesterday was overcast and cool
Last night it snowed.  That weird theater snow
It feels like Styrofoam.  It isn’t cold.
But the air is.  I can’t believe how hot I’ve been
And how cold it is right now.

I personally would rather have the cold
The theatre snow, the grey.
I do like sunshine for the light.  But not the blaring heat.
After Roland goes to work, I’m turning the heat off.

                                                                     taken at 7:00 am

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