Saturday, August 24, 2013

Opposites Attract

Roland likes a hearty spaghetti sauce
Full of large pieces of meat and vegetables
I like a little more sauce.
Roland likes LOTS of onions
I’m happy with just a piece of the onion
It has to be finely chopped.

Roland likes hard ginger snap cookies
I like cookies that are soft –
Preferably chocolate chip
None of that peppery strength that
Jenna and I taste with the ginger snap.

Roland likes Italian meats. 
He likes the meat lovers pizza or
At least a combination
I like Hawaiian or Vegetarian or
Just something different –
Something with Alfredo or Pesto
Roland says Chicken does NOT belong on a pizza.

Roland likes his bagels with butter or
Cream cheese and jelly
I like bagels with cream cheese. 
Sometimes cream cheese and a
Fresh tomato.
We both prefer our bagels toasted.

Roland insists on having a drink with his meal
But rarely ever finishes drinking it.
I doubt he drinks more than 20 ounces in a given day
I drink water – lots of it.  Especially in the summer.
I drink 2 – 5 quarts of liquid a day. 
Most of it is water.

Roland is an extravert with lots of charisma and charm
People like Roland.
People remember Roland.
I may not be as introverted as my siblings
But I’m certainly not the social magnet
Especially since we moved to West Valley
He’s aggressive.
I’m a door mat.
No, not really. 
But sometimes I feel like I am.

Roland is an excellent driver.
He can focus on several things
When he is behind the steering wheel.
I don’t actually enjoy driving.
I do it because it’s necessary for
Getting Jenna to school.
I told Roland I don’t have many years
Left in me before the state takes my license
The way they did with my mom

Roland is the one who stays up until
All of the children are home
I''m the one who goes to bed.
He sleeps with blankets on all year round
I might use the covers ten times at the most 
Roland and I both like to start projects.
He is much better at following through
I really need to learn to finish the job.

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