Saturday, August 31, 2013

She Believes Chef Ron is AMAZING

As I mentioned in a previous post, Roland enjoys watching “Chopped” (or at least he used to) on the Food Network.  I think we were living in West Valley when we’d see the advertisements for the new upcoming show “Sweet Genius” hosted by Ron Ben-Israel a renowned chef and cake artist extraordinaire. 

I allowed the ads to lead me to believe that the show would be similar to “Chopped” but with just desserts.  Roland watched it maybe twice, but would not take it seriously.  It was a squirrely show in his opinion.  He didn’t like the second surprise ingredient being introduced while in the process of trying to create something with the first one. He didn’t like the fact that the chefs need an “inspirational” theme.  But mostly I think he just doesn’t care for Chef Ron.  There is just such a bizarreness about him.

         Just on his appearance alone, he seems to fit the villain profile of any given kid vid or screwball comedy.  Put him in a uniform and I can visualize him playing the part of a Nazi in Hogan’s Heroes. Top that off with his seemingly weird personality and I wondered if he could be taken seriously.  I can actually visualize him playing member of the Gestapo or criminal mind in a realistic movie.

         Unlike Roland, Jenna LOVES “Sweet Genius”.  She thinks the title is very fitting and thinks that Ron Ben- is the most awesome and best chef in the world.  Her favorite part of the show is having the inspirational themes to work with.  I agree with Roland that it is weird watching Ron laugh in the darkness that represents sin or plays with a python or the ventriloquist doll (which I have always thought of as somewhat creepy anyway) Ron Ben- (for me) has the appearance of being a ventriloquist doll himself.

         I just did a research on Wikipedia.  I found it interesting that he had been “discovered” by Martha Stewart.  Before he started his baking “hobby” in 1993 he had been a dancer.  I would have never ever guessed that.  Jenna will really think he’s the greatest when she finds that out.

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