Saturday, December 6, 2014

Missing Out on Sisterhood

            When Roland’s oldest two girls were ten and eight, we were finally granted overnight visitation.  At the time – though our visits weren’t as often as the courts had assigned – I fully believe that I knew those girls better than either of their biological parents – and I really didn’t know either that well.

        Frances, at the time, claimed she loved school.  She loved to paint and draw.  Her artwork was actually quite good.  She was easily amused, had quite an annoying laugh, and was very loud.  She often repeated catch phrases or tag lines – I think more to help herself understand them.  She had learned the shark song and sang it often as she moved her hands for each family member. “Grandpa Shark” was her favorite.

        Jenna is ten.  She used to love school.  She currently likes to paint and draw.  I think she likes all forms of arts and crafts.  Some of her artwork is actually quite good.  Jenna gets easily amused.  She has a cute laugh.  Too often she gets too loud.  She often repeats catch phrases or tag lines.  She wants to share all that she understands – which is quite a lot.  She learned the shark song and sings it often as she moves her hands to show off each family member.  “Grandpa Shark” is her favorite.

        Pamprin started out as quite a drama queen.  When she was ten, she loved to sing.  She would perform with a children’s group.  She enjoyed making balloon animals and showing off.  She liked to collect things.  She was quite sensitive to hurtful comments – whether aimed at her or someone else.  Once she outgrew her “pampered princess” image, she enjoyed helping out. Her favorite Christmas song to sing was "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"

         Jenna has never stopped being a drama queen.  She has always loved to sing.  She’s performed at school assemblies and when in plays.  She has always been a collector of nearly everything.  She is quite sensitive to hurtful comments – whether aimed at her or someone else.  She loves helping out at school and certain chores around the house.  Her favorite Christmas song that she has enjoys singing this Christmas season is "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"

         All three girls adore their brother, Tony.  All three girls have clung to Roland at one time or another – before Maleficent (the biological mother of Francis and Pamprin) poisoned the mind of the older two.  I have seen Jenna wear the same expressions as her sisters did. Both Frances and  Pamprin were so thoughtful with Jenna – and they loved her.  Jenna loved spending time with them – but has no memories of them really.  She wasn't even four the last time we saw them.

Maleficent moved them to another state, and we haven’t seen or heard from them since.  Oh, Roland tried to stay in touch.  For two years he’d call or write and try to make a connection.  But Maleficent took control of both phone and mail.  I doubt his daughters received anything he sent – including child support.  That went straight to Maleficent’s own selfish desires - like a huge vat of peroxide for her artificial hair.

I feel bad that Jenna doesn’t know her sisters – or vice-versa.  I know she shares a lot in common with who they were at one time.  I have no clue as to who they are at this time.  Both are legal adults though I’m certain both are still living with mom without any thoughts of their own.  They have surrendered themselves to be controlled.  I don’t know what they will do when/if Maleficent should die.

It was once expressed that “. . . wish Maleficent would fall into a volcano” but thought better of it.  That, after all, is such a horrible thing to wish . . .
The poor volcano never did anything to deserve such a horrible fate.

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