Friday, December 19, 2014

My Day So Far

         This year the weather has been awesome enough for me to drive in.  As I was returning home from Jenna’s school, I stopped to get gas.  It was under 20 dollars to fill my tank.  I was stunned.  It wasn’t that low the last time I drove for real.

           Last year when Jenna’s school held their Christmas performance, and the weather was rotten, not only did I miss the program, but Tony had as well.  He and Rochelle had just moved back after living in Texas.  Tony surprised Jenna this year when we both showed up just as her class was lining up out in the hall. 

         There have been some years when I know she hasn’t been able to find me in the audience.  I have taken pictures of her program just to prove to her that I was there.  This year I had my new camera but was very far away from the stage.  I decided that I would just enjoy the performance and NOT take pictures.  However, when the principal invited parents to stand and take pictures of their kids BEFORE the performance, I handed the camera to Tony and asked if he would move up closer to get some shots.

         Jenna was wearing a headband with huge red antlers sticking up.  I had not noticed her wearing it in the hall.  I don’t know how I noticed when she was on stage.  The antlers blended into the drapes.  It actually looked kind of weird.  Tony not only took several still pictures of her, but filmed both musical numbers as well.  What a guy.  I was/am very grateful for that.

         Tony was starving.  After Jenna’s class dismissed, we left toward his car (he had driven us in his new car) and got something to eat before he returned me home.  I had only twenty minutes or so to start sorting socks or start my blog or do dishes.  I knew I wasn’t going to complete any one task – let alone all of them.  I still have to add pictures to the last couple of thoughts that I’ve already posted today.  I’ll need to run to the library as well as I have a few items to return.

         I returned to Jenna’s school just before school let out. I am usually early and have to wait a while before the bell rings and for her to cross.  Normally I sit at a bench behind the school and read. I have enjoyed the crisp air that’s lingered this season. Today would have been less enjoyable.  I was grateful I had a car to sit in, as it has gotten colder.  To me, it feels like the coldest day of this month.  And it seems to be getting colder with every passing minute.

         Initially I was going to stop at a fast food place on my way to Roland’s place of work – only he really didn’t want that choice of food.  I suggested we just go out and eat and Jenna and I could just bus it home.  And so that is what we did. 

         He will be home in another hour and we will go to the Church house where Sunny and Patrick attend services and spend a few hours playing games with the family.  We are excited!

         I should include pictures with all three of today’s posts.  I am unable to do them all at this time however.  Perhaps I will be able to do so on Christmas Eve – before our other family party.  (That is if Jenna will allow me the time to do so)

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