Monday, November 23, 2015

I saw the Truck was based out of Springfield, and I Panicked!

            Springfield, Utah was settled in 1850 and then had a population of roughly 1,000 people.  I remember my dad telling me that the kids of his generation liked to hang-out in Springfield.  It has always seemed like a rather small community but still great community to live in.  Today it has a population of over 30,000.  It still seems like it would be a great area to raise a family.  I like Springfield, Utah.

            Springfield, Oregon, on the other hand, is about twice the size in population.  As of now, it is definitely a place I do not wish to live.  Springfield, Oregon seems to be a daily part of the news as one horrific crime or another are committed.  I think Springfield has had more crime than my surroundings had in the Salt Lake City area.  I like living in a town with a crime-rate equal to the crime portrayed in Mayberry on the "Andy Griffith Show"

            Currently Jenna is off school for the week.  Tomorrow we have a parent-teacher conference.  Right now she is at the youth center.  I dropped her off just over an hour ago.  On my return, I stopped by Ray's Food Market (there are only two grocery stores to choose from - unless one drives to the big city of Roseburg - which compared to Springfield is rather small - but still the largest city in the county where I currently live) to check out some prices on some needed ingredients for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. 

            After returning to my car, I noticed a business truck in the parking lot.  According to the address, it was based out of Springfield. One man stood with his back to the open door while a second guy spoke while flinging his hands wildly in the air.  The name "Springfield" on the side of the truck had me concerned.  Was the animated-arm guy angry?  Was a murder about to happen in the parking lot of our local food market?  I know it's wrong to think such things just because of a name - a widely used name.  Isn't Springfield where the Simpsons live?

          As much as I'd like to see Springfield, Oregon become crime free - don't bring it here!  Just make it vanish from the earth all together.

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