Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Don't Teach Sunbeams Anymore

                I turned in my primary manual the week before Christmas.  It's been a while since I've taught Sunbeams though I have taught several classes in primary.  I remember having four different manuals that would rotate each year.  Apparently the sunbeam manual stays the same.  There are only three class names for the primary age children: Sunbeams, CTRs and Valiants.  The CTR classes are for 4 - 8 year olds and Valiants are from 9 until 12 when boys start attending Priesthood meetings and girls are put in Young Women.  When I had attended primary as a youth, each age group was given a separate name: Sunbeams, Stars, CTRs, Targeteers, Merrie Miss A and B, and Blazers. 

                  I don't know if I retrieved the sunbeam manual on Christmas Day or on New Years.  I knew I wouldn't be teaching on Christmas, but had prepared a lesson for New Year's Day.  As my only Sunbeam was absent from Church that day, I attended the adult Sunday School class and Relief Society instead.  It may have been my last opportunity to do so.  Maybe not.  

                Last Saturday the primary president called to ask if I though that Christopher was ready for CTR.  Fortunately I did not laugh as she was asking me seriously.  

                "I don't believe he's still ready to be in Sunbeams." I said.  I'd forgotten that he had turned three six months before he was put into my class and that he'll be turning four in February.  He definitely seems like he's at a two-year-old level still - both socially and physically.  

                Danny teaches the children that are from 9-11.  Her plate has been overflowing, particularly the last month and a half.  I have seen her dad only a few times since we moved to Oregon.  He has never made it through an entire Sacrament meeting. We've lived in Myrtle Creek for just over a year and a half;  I don't know how long before that his health started failing.  He's been in at least two different hospitals and a health care facility within the last month and a half.  I'm certain that all the commuting has drained the family.  They may have a funeral to plan.  With all that's been going on (plus personal illness) Danny hasn't been able to devote her attention to the lessons for her class. The primary president was calling to ask if I could take over until further notice and they would see about advancing Christopher to the CTR. (Good luck to that class)

                Well, I would much rather teach Danny's class the gospel than babysit Christopher for two hours.  He is the only one in primary (excluding the one in nursery) that is still in diapers.  It's highly possible that he has ADHD. And actually so does one of the students from the Valiant class.  He seemed calm last week, and I heard that Christopher did well last week also.  But both were extremely wound up today.

                Both Danny and the primary president had asked that when Danny returns that we could co-teach.  I'm okay with that.  

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