Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chocolate milk to die for

          BYU Creamery makes the BEST chocolate milk.  I don’t know why it always tastes richer and more succulent than any other chocolate milk product.  But it does.
          I do not believe it is sold to the public as many name brand dairy products.  The items are distributed to the school, the missionary training center, the LDS temple and bishop’s storehouse to name a few.  Those who have gone to BYU or the MTC or have been recipients of the Church welfare program may know what I’m talking about – for it is the students and faculty in the Provo area who are the more fortunate to experience this luxury.

          It has been a while, but there was a time when I had the privilege of bringing home two gallons of the rich, succulent chocolate milk to my family – though Biff said he never had any. He doesn’t know that he is really missing out.  Even Roland noticed the difference – and he is definitely NOT a name brand snob.
As I continued to indulge much more than I should,  I thought, “You know, it probably is a good thing I don’t have easy access to BYU Creamery’s milk products” as I have found it rather addicting and would become even wider than I already am.  If I lived in the Provo area I think I would be drinking chocolate milk ALL of the time.

          I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had to sample some of the BYU Creamery’s wonderful products.  Especially the chocolate milk.

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