Monday, February 20, 2012

Knit VS. Crochet

          Overall I think the knit is a prettier stitch.  I generally like the feel and am impressed with the eye-catching cable.  It just seems more polished to me or something.  But I would rather work with just one hook building one loop at a time than two piercing needles that contain all loops and can easily slip and unravel.
          Seems silly really as knitting has only two basic stitches: knitting and purling, whereas crocheting has a variety of stitches which can become complicated to my simple mind – just from reading the directions that is.  I think I do well with a hands on. Not always.  But if I have a personal coach explaining or showing what I’m doing, I can pick it up a lot quickly than trying to figure it out on my own.

          When I was younger (much younger) my mom crocheted two beautiful coat sweaters.  Mine was yellow and she gave the orange one to my cousin.  I think that yellow sweater was the most beautiful sweater that I have ever owned – well from what I remember.  I don’t remember everything about it.  But I do remember it being warm and sophisticated and wonderful.

          My mom had tried to teach me to crochet when I was younger.  She crocheted all the time.  Made hairpin lace afghans.  Lots of them.  And she made them for all the family members. 

She hadn’t attempted to start me on hairpin lace – a simple chain stitch and single crochet.  I wasn’t good at it.  I didn’t have a passion for learning it.  It was too time consuming – I felt.  I gave it up without really trying.  It wasn’t until after school that I was reintroduced to the world of yarn.

          Somewhere along the way I learned the granny square.  I know I made a pot holder at one point. But I still didn’t turn it into something I needed or had the desire to do all of the time.  But in 1985 I picked it up again.

There was a woman who was pretty much bed ridden.  But she was active with her hands.  She taught me to crochet.  My first project was a popcorn stitch afghan – though she had tried to get me to start with something smaller.  I made a red and white afghan to send to my mother.  With all of the many afghans she made for everybody else, I didn’t believe she had ever made one for herself.

I met another woman who had a passion for knitting and taught me how to knit.  Holding the needles while trying to stitch loops without letting go of the rest that we’re on the needle was quite awkward for me.  I think I may have knitted a scarf?  It wasn’t a very memorable one obviously.  It was my only knitting project until very recently.
Provo Craft introduced a line of looms they call the knifty knitter – and they are.  Projects work up so much faster than the knitting needles ever could (or do) My family and I have made hats and I will be making dishrags eventually.  What an awesome product.

You know what makes me wonder though?  Why is it that all knit patterns require crochet hooks to finish off, but crocheted patterns never ask for a knitting needle?  Could it be that the crochet hook is more powerful?

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