Friday, February 14, 2014

Before Clue, There was Mr. Ree

         I dont know how old I was when Grandma showed us the game Mr. Ree.  I vaguely remember seeing the game.  I dont know if my cousins and I attempted to play it I think we did, but soon became bored with it.  We didnt really understand what we were supposed to do.

         As I have researched the Internet to learn if there were really any similarities between Mr. Ree and Clue,  Mr. Ree sounds like it may have been more challenging or fun to play but I could be wrong.  I just remember thinking the layout of the Mr. Ree board was similar to the mansion set for clue.

Of course there are different versions of each game changing design and pieces every decade or so for whatever reason. 

This is what I remember from my childhood:

Recently my son, Tony, and his wife gave me a new addition of clue which comes with two crime scenes.

The last names of the characters are the same, but theyve dropped the Colonel, Professor, Mr. Miss, and Mrs.  

Since the first time that we played it, Clue has become Jennas favorite game.  I was amused when she suspected Colonel Mustard as the title has been dropped.  I had told her that the board game had been made into a play and that Corey had played Colonel Mustard and that the story had three different endings.  That was a fun play to watch. 

You can see the trailer of clue here (also watch in parts on youtube). 

I read online that if you can get your hands on a Mr. Ree, you have a valuable collection piece in your possession.  I dont know what happened to all the stuff that grandma had in her house.  She surely must have parted with the bulk of it before she moved into a condominium.  I was still in grade school at the time.     

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