Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine’s Didn’t Happen

Earlier this week, Jenna came home
all excited and
folded an open box into
a closed one,
added a face and
the hearts that she and
her friend had cut out of
colored paper. 

She said there was a contest and
she came up with
the idea of turning her box into
the school mascot.

On Wednesday she was crying when
I picked her up – disappointed
that one class did not
collect all the needed points and
thus they wouldn’t be having
the Valentine’s party she had so
looked forward to. 

On Thursday I said she should take
 her box and prepared Valentines anyway –
just in case.
She threw up in class and so
was taken to the office and
put in the sick room
to wait until somebody arrived.

My phone was in my pocket.
  Unfortunately it had been turned off. 
Roland was on his cell phone
talking to someone. 
Randy was in class. 
Carrie was at work. 
Evidently the staff had gone through
every single number I had provided for
emergency contact – some outdated
I guess. 
I felt bad that they had gone
to all that trouble. 
They said they had tried everyone
 on the list.

Jenna asked,
“Who is Dora?”

that’s when I realized
the list was outdated. 
“She taught you in primary
a couple of times when
we attended our old ward. 
You used to call her
Dora, the Explorer”

“Oh, yea. 
I sort of remember her. 
Why isn’t Corey on the list?”

“Corey is in Las Vegas. 
I had him and grandma on
the list when you
were in first grade.” 
I had eliminated contacting grandma
for the year that I started
my blog.

Jenna had a fever. 
She stayed in bed all day –
except for once in a while after
she would drink something,
she would make her way into
the bathroom to throw up. 
But we brought her fever down in time and
after long her stomach wasn’t hurting anymore either. 
But she still felt dizzy whenever she stood.

I had given her the cards that
arrived in the mail. 
Two of them:
a Valentine from her
activity days leader and
one from our former next door neighbor whom she called
plus there had been a box of
chocolates that dad brought home.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. 
She didn’t deliver because
she still felt dizzy when she moved.
  We stayed home.
We both took it easy.

Roland used to do Valentines for
the women in my family.
 A box of chocolates, flowers,
 one year we made red doughnuts. 
Another year he purchased heart
 shaped pizzas. 
I think that was the
last year.

This year he purchased candy bars
for all the RS and primary presidency. 
He printed up the note

“All Classy Ladies deserve
chocolate on Valentines Day 
Even if they are a little nuts” 

They have not been delivered, however. 
Perhaps he is just planning on
handing them out at Church tomorrow.

There was a knock at the door
sometime after Jenna had gone to bed. 
Whoever it was had walked away
after leaving a sack of
candy for Jenna. 
This morning I learned that
it was/is from Trume. 

So we did receive Valentines. 
And Jenna created three more.
 They won’t be received until
next week. 
Valentine’s Day is over. 
Jenna feels better. 
Outside is still grey

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