Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy Weather All Around


There are at least eight
states covered in snow
right now. 
States that don’t usually have
such a tremendous amount
of snow. 
Many cities without power because
the storms have knocked down
the lines. 

My blog received over 200 views
two days in a row. 
By those who were bored and holed
up I would imagine. 
There have been several who haven’t
been allowed to drive anywhere as the roads were
closed and cars were
abandoned, traveling reduced and messed up more than
I remember Utah ever being.  

And I feel bad about my post titled
“Killer Snow” when
I would imagine those living in
said states thought,
“That is nothing, sister. 
Not compared to us”

The weather forecast keeps saying that
we’ll have snow in Utah. 
Every time the wind blows, a promise has
been made. 
But I have learned, the louder the
sound of the wind, the less likely it
will snow.  

Yesterday the wind did not make a
sound though it never let up its blowing. 
And then there was snow. 
Big thick flakes
I don’t know how long the snow fell. 
It covered the ground. 
But then the sun shone through the
clouds immediately after. 
It wiped all the snow away. 
Even our neighbors on the
south side. 
But we are told we’ll get
more snow.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all
if those suffering in snowstorms and
damage could just send their snow our way? 
But keep it in the mountains. 
And send it into the rivers so that
we will have water this summer. 

I don’t want it dry and hot as it has
been mostly dry and cold.

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