Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Pageants

          Many cultures, communities and families reenact the nativity story found in the Bible (Luke 2 and Matt 1 and 2)
          My mom’s neighbor from across the street has always had a Christmas pageant from as far back as I can remember.  As she had four boys, I would always play Mary – until gradually other families were invited in and the role of Mary was passed off to other girls.

          Over the years, my neighbors have been blessed with many grandsons – but not many granddaughters.  The role of Mary had gone to my niece – who (unlike me) quite frankly had become weary of the playing Mary every year. 
          The last year I remember when Ellen had played Mary was the year our neighbors got their first granddaughter.  There were four children born in the family that year.  Their granddaughter, twin grandsons and Patrick and Sunny’s youngest. Four babies to choose from to fill the role of Jesus.  Ellen started out holding one of the twins.

          I had to leave during the pageant.  As we were leaving I heard our neighbor comment about the crying twin.  It was something along the lines of: “Well he isn’t being a very reverent Jesus” 

When we returned, I noticed that Ellen was holding her sister who was almost twice the size of the twins.  By then the wise men had already joined the scene.  I thought it was appropriate that “Jesus” was larger than newborn – as he would have been in real life when theyarrived”  

          I love stories of unique spins that result from one or more who is performing in the Christmas pageant such as thisone  or this cute story.

           My favorite part of the Christmas pageant is singing all the songs that have been written and used with the nativity theme.

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