Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saving Lids and Christmas Trees

           I recall one year it was announced in Relief Society that we had been given the opportunity for submitting a tree to the festival of trees and were asked to save our frozen juice lids as we would be using them for making ornaments to decorate the tree.  We had an enrichment activity later on in the month making tin punch ornaments.

          I continued saving juice lids long after the holidays.  What a cute idea.  I tried making tin punch ornaments several years later with Roland’s two oldest girls.  As I recall, they didn’t turn out too great.  Still I kept the lids.  My scouting calling was too short lived for tin punch introduction.

Jenna found the lids when she was two or three. She’d play with them and count them and call it her money.  It was cute.  It definitely provided inexpensive entertainment.  So that was cool.

I love Jenna’s enthusiasm.  And what she perceives as beautiful.

When Roland and I were married, the boys had a Checkers game board with Santa Clause and Christmas tree pieces.  Over the years, the pieces would start disappearing and it wasn’t practical to try and play checkers. 

When Jenna was three or four, we had gone to a second hand store and she had fallen in love with a pink vanity set that I was not planning on buying – but the joy and enthusiasm and price made it worthwhile.

I remember coming in her room to help her find something and opened up a plastic drawer from her vanity and found it full of Christmas trees that were left over from the checker game the boys had.  It still makes me smile when I think of it.  She had to have them because they were “very beautiful”

Oh, to be that age again!

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