Monday, December 10, 2012


          I have absolutely LOVED eggnog since I was a kid.  Last year was actually the first year that I’ve not LOVED – it just isn’t as good as I remember.  Are the dairy product brands cheating us out of an ingredient perhaps?  Cutting costs in today’s economy?  I don’t see how.  The price of eggnog seems to be given the same value as gold.  I mean it’s always been more pricy than your milk or milk products – which also have increased in cost.  But I’m not even enjoying the “gold”

          You would think with its ritzy price, I would savor every drop and make it count.  But the truth is I’m NOT enjoying it.  Or rather I did not enjoy it last year and have not even bothered with it this year.

Could be my taste buds are warped?  I’ve always heard that smell a large percentage of what you taste and my smell has definitely gone.   I had actually learned the smell/taste thing in grade school – but that was many moons ago and it may not stand true today (for example, Pluto was considered to be the coldest planet when I was in school;   understand thatnow Pluto is NOT considered to be a planet at all – go figure)

          Even though my mouth is disappointed by the eggnog taste today,  I am equally grateful for the not-so-awesome taste as it really isn’t in the budget nor has it been for quite some time. And now I don’t have to feel like I am missing out.  I had eggnog twice last year (one at my mom’s and a one quart reputable brand that my husband and I purchased as a treat) On December 4th of last year, it left a nasty taste in my mouth.  Hmmm

          I know Corey still loves it.  But I think the quality of eggnog has gone down with the rest of the economy.  As I have said earlier, I haven’t even tasted egg nog this year.  And I don’t think I’m missing out anymore (unless BYU creamery does one.  I’d be so willing to try that)


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