Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just Make the Best of It

          You can’t always control the outcome of what you’ve planned – but you can control your attitude towards the outcome.


          You are driving your family to your in-laws to spend the holidays.  The car breaks down, or the weather prevents you from arriving to your destination at designated time.  What do you do?

a.    Mope about it

b.    Make the best of the situation

I would hope that if it was my family that all of us would select the answer b.  Okay, so things didn’t work out to our expectations.  We can still create positive memories.

We can stop off at the motel and learn more about the owners and/or staff that is working.  We can help them to have a more memorable Christmas.  We can sing Christmas carols.  We can tell stories.  We can have meaningful conversations.

I recall the power going out one year on Christmas day.  It was one of the most memorable Christmases for many.  Families were forced to come together because they couldn’t depend on electrical entertainment.  One could not drive anywhere.

We had gone exploring just to see how many streets were without power.  Lots!  Not many people venturing out in the snow.  Enough to wonder the same thing we were. 

Our power returned after about 8 hours or so.  Bill and Kayla were still without.  We offered for them to come stay with us.  Their power returned as they were getting some overnight bags together.  But there were some that were without for three days.

And then there are those who’ve had to change their plans due to elements – such as Sandy.

Another example: All of the children have shown up for Christmas dinner except for one – of course you are concerned – but try focusing on the ones who are there instead of dwelling over the one who’s not thus creating a worrisome holiday for everybody else.

Attitude can make or break how one may perceive Christmas.  What memories do you want to hold onto?  What memories will and do you cherish?

Keep safe this holiday and may your attitude make this the best Christmas ever!

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