Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Shall I Wear Today?

        This past week has been kind of dreary, as far as the weather goes.  The week before was overall perfect weather during daylight.  But before the sun rose or after it set, the temperature would drop at least thirty degrees.  That isn't nice.

        In the morning, I would reach for my jeans, knowing that I'd be changing them into shorts as the day grew on.  I would lower the thermostat or turn it off completely - open the windows and the doors until the outside temperature and the inside temperature were the same.  There were even a couple of days that I had used the fan!

        I didn't have to change my clothes this past week.  There was a lot more rain than sunshine.  And two nights of terrorizing wind that I remember being - when I lived in Utah.  But had never seen it here - or heard it, rather.  Howling.  Violently shaking the trees.  It hasn't been walking weather or motorcycle weather - that's for sure. 

        Right now, as I write this, there is a peace.  No moving wind or rain.  Mostly grey sky with patches of blue.  49 degrees outside.  71 inside my house.  Roland and Jenna are at the movies.  I am nursing my body back to health.  This weather has effected a lot of people

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