Sunday, June 12, 2016

Assisting and/or Taking Over - Being Involved

            After a successful Relief Society activity that I had inadvertently volunteered to set up, I was called to head the RS activity committee.  What committee???

            I have a few ideas to share, but some require more participation than I have been getting.  Aurelia loves the idea of doing a "Price is Right" activity as we had done in my previous ward.  See here and here hopefully (if there is no screen on the second here, try this one).

            I initially brought it up because Aurelia said that we needed to do an activity on food storage and I thought that was a fun activity - but certainly not one we can pull off with just three participants.  So that will be on hold until September at least.  Meanwhile I gave the suggestion of doing a Patriotic program.

            Several years ago (several) my brother, Corey, was asked to present a program to the RS on patriotic songs.  I don't know if he came up with his own agenda on how to present it, or if it had been suggested to him.  I know that he did his own research.

            It was back in the day before Internet and Google.  Corey used the card catalogue and spent hours upon hours checking out material at the library and recording songs.  With each piece of music he played, he presented a bit of trivia about the song itself. 

Roland wanted to change this to make it
more appealing.  Granted, it's not the
 greatest, but still from his suggestions

            It was a great program and very informative.  I kept the tape that he had put together, but have since then misplaced it.  Unfortunately his notes have been discarded and I have had to come up with my own research - which is not a bad thing. 

            With internet access it should work up faster for me than it did for Corey.  Maybe not.  I am getting input and feedback - but not from the sisters I serve, but rather Roland who is eager to jump in and tackle each project I have created for the benefit of the Relief Society.  He always wants to help with the hand-outs and the activity itself.  Roland's like that.  He wants to be involved. He's assisted in a countless amount of activities on a stake level.

            Last week he was released from his calling as Sunday School teacher and was put in as the assistant to the financial clerk - which only goes to prove that God really does have a sense of humor.  As I have had time to think about it, I truly do believe the calling was inspired and that he will grow from it and perhaps learn how to budget our money and time as well.

            He finally did come up with his own announcement (using the background he had initially suggested)

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