Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold . . . a Plea to Mr. Sun

The other day I was driving. 
I started out with my sunglasses on. 
I would get too dark. 
I'd take them off.

Sun shows itself. 
Sun hides behind
the clouds. 
Hot, hot, hot. 

My ears are cold. 
 don't need
an entire hat - just
a band to cover my ears. 

Make up your mind!
I personally would rather
have the raindrops and
cooler whether. 

I would
just like to be
able to dress for one or
the other and not
vacillate back and forth,
back and forth. 

Please Mr. Sun,
go on a long break and
do not show yourself until
it is over. 
And then please
Keep your distance. 

Thank you.

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