Tuesday, June 7, 2016

That's What I'm Talking About

     The Hallmark Channel has aired a new movie this month. It is called "Ms. Matched"  and I was absolutely thrilled about a book put out by Shawn Roberts character, Ben Reynolds. 

I think every girl ought to run out and get this book and take it to heart before she stupidly spends a fortune on ONE NIGHT!  Holy Cow.

            The story starts out at a Bridal Expo in which Libby and her business partner, Michelle, are trying to promote their wedding planning skills, along with many others who are promoting cakes, gowns, invitations, what have you.  The wonderful expense of being a bride.

            I remember going to a Bridal Expo with my second daughter-in-law.  I was horrified and appalled at the costs and expenses and hoopla and waste.  Ben Reynolds explains that it is possible to create simple weddings and save on expenses for more important things - such as the next 2-4 mortgages (or rent) or perhaps the honeymoon itself.  Gads, if I had a choice between a designer wedding dress that I'd be wearing one night or a vacation that will last several days - no contest.  I'm not paying thousands of dollars for yards and yards of fabric that will spend most of its time in a box rather than on me.  No brainer - at least on my part.  The simpler the wedding, the better

            Yes, I understand, it is a special day, but when your "special day" becomes a financial burden, it really is not that special.  How worth it can it be in a couple of years from now?  You'll have memories of all that hoopla - for a while anyway.  Is it worth it really?  Wouldn't the honeymoon or vacation make for just as great of memories? Don't get so caught up in the hoopla that you lose track of those that are most important to you.  Weddings should NOT be a financial burden to  anyone.  What kind of way is that to start out a marriage?  I think the couple should both participate and both be practical.  Just saying.

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