Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Picking Blueberries - Holy Cow

        Last year when we'd gone to pick blueberries, we would leave early in the morning to avoid the sun (which eventually caught up with us - and pounded on us and sent us home) Blueberries were 1.00 a pound.

        I told one of Jenna's friends (who possibly likes eating blueberries more than Jenna does) that she should go with us - but it was always too early in the morning for her household.  And then we stopped going.  Blueberry season was over.

        But now it's started back up again.  Roland sent us out to pick blueberries asking that we please come home with at least 5 pounds.  Oh, my word. Callie and Jenna went crazy and picked over six pounds each, while I barely managed 3 pounds.  

Blueberries had gone up in price.  I was floored when I learned we had picked sixteen pounds.  I hadn't brought that much cash - I had to write a check.

        Roland made two blueberry cobblers last night (yum) and we had blueberry pancakes this morning.  Almost three gallons of blueberries remain in the freezer.  Callie took home most of what she picked and asked if she could return with us when we go again.  She can.  But she'll have to bring her own money. 

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