Thursday, June 23, 2016

Custom Canes by Chris

            After going to the library this afternoon,  Jenna and I went to Millsite Park.  

            There we met a man named Chris.  I would have never guessed that he was/is almost 70.

            He says he's at the park every day.  He needs to exercise  and chooses to walk around the park with his personalized cane.  He had a second branch to craft for another cane for someone else close by. 

            This is Chris:

            This is not the best photo of the cane, but I tried to blow it up for a better view.

            He carved words and also used an adhesive to fasten other words from newspapers and magazines.  Things that he likes.  Words that represent who he is.  He uses a pool ball to hang onto. 

            He enjoys making them.  Keeps him busy.  I think they're cool.

            I also took these of photos of Jenna:

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