Friday, June 17, 2016

Jenna's answers for school Profile

        While searching for a remote control, I found an assortment of papers that evidently came out of Jenna's backpack.  I don't automatically throw things away, but sort through them in case there is something important.

          I was amused at finding three or four different questionnaires  I was surprised by some of her answers. Happy about some.  Questioned some of her answers.  She's at camp at this moment, and so will not be able to discuss it with her until tomorrow at the earliest.  May not put the same smile on my readers' faces as it did for me, but this is today's post.  (I did correct her spelling; made my own comments in red)
What is your full name?          [Jenna Cannon Romero]

Where is your Home Town?    Salt Lake City, Utah

What is the best toy/object you own?     my Pillow Pet, Fudge

What sports or games do you play?                  Arm Wresting

What else do you do in your spare time?          Wrestling
          don't know why the answer is wrestling, Jenna will shoot hoops, read, listen to music and watch TV;

What singer/music do you listen to?         pop, Christian, 
                                                                 Disney, baby

What person (famous or regular) do you think is great?                                              someone from her school I've never heard even mentioned before

What's your favorite TV show?                   Big Bang Theory

What is your favorite book/book series?  Book of Mormon

What is a saying or expression that your generation is using?                 
                                                                 Name that movie . . .

What do you want to be when you grow up?             
                                                                 I don't plan on growing up

Do you have a nickname?               Unknown Biker Girl,
                   she actually has several. Some kids call her Georgina (she has no clue why) and some have referred to her as JJ

What do you do when you're mad?        Jump on the tramp

Favorite holiday and why?              uh . . .   that would be whatever the upcoming holiday is.  I have always said Halloween, but  she really likes Christmas and is always excited for whatever holiday is NEXT - I would think Independence Day . . . though she enjoyed it more with her brothers than she did in Oregon last year

Ever won anything?      yes, a medal        
                             she received medallions for reflection contest and a similar one through Vista

What do you do on rainy days?     go outside            she LOVES the rain

Favorite flower?            morning glory

Oldest Living Relative?          Aunt Trudy            age   117
          I don't know where she came with that answer.  Aunt Gertrude will be 95 in October of this year {2016) The oldest person you know is her brother, your great great Uncle Ted, who turned 99  in January;  They had aunts who lived to be in their 100's.  I personally don't know of anybody who's lived passed the age of 106.

Most annoying bug?         Mosquito

favorite actor?              [Corey Cannon] alias name for my brother

Favorite actress?          Idina Menzel

Did you ever believe in the Tooth Fairy?  Yes

Who should play you in the movie version of your life?        
                                            [AnnaLeigh Jolly]            her cousin

If you were an animal, what would you be?     
                                            Grizzly Eagleshark
I was surprised that she didn't say cat - though previous questionnaires revealed that she does like dogs better than cats.  She was a top cat in one elementary school and a lion in another and wished to continue attending schools that had some kind of cat as their mascot.  Didn't go according to plan.  She is a hornet.  If we'd stayed in Salt Lake, she would be a General.

Best beverage?                               Root Beer

Who do you wish you could meet?          Sheldon  Cooper

                   I believe the actual character played by Jim Parsons, but not necessarily Jim Parsons himself

Favorite song:                                  Hall of Fame

Earliest memory:           My crib bed sheets

Who do you call when you're upset?                 [Anna Jolly]

Do you recycle?           Yes

Last Book you read?              No Talking by Andrew Clements

What kind of shoes are you wearing?                sneakers

What was the last thing you ate?   Scooby Snacks

Favorite car?                          the one that drives

best cartoon ever?                Calvin & Hobbs

Favorite doughnut?                Maple Bar

Stupidest thing that I've ever done?                  Broke a recorder

Best sitcom ever?                   Big Bang Theory

Favorite place you've visited?         Las Vegas   she isn't here to ask what it is about Las Vegas made it her favorite.  I would guess Uncles Corey and Joh; Corey doesn't especially care for Las Vegas

Least favorite vegetable                 Broccoli

One word that describes you?                 [Jenna]

Name of your very first friend          Jamie

Best pizza topping:                 Pepperoni

Ever owned  a goldfish?                  Yes,  named Elmo

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  1. Her last evaluation test came back with results that a good profession for her might either would be in acting or advertising. Interesting.