Saturday, July 15, 2017

Our Refrigerator Box-Sized Shower

                When we first looked at our house, I was thrilled with the large tub in the master bedroom.  Evidently I had not even looked at the shower. The shower in my mom's house was made of pink tiles.  There was a 4 to 5 inch lip that we could step over to be in the shower.  After daddy had his strokes, we put a plastic chair in the shower and invested in a shower hose. The hose split shortly after he had passed.  It hadn't seemed like a great investment.

                Because I can't always make the time for the luxuries of a bath (not to mention the many gallons of water)  I have taken more showers. For a while I was using the shower in Jenna's bathroom.  Her tub is more shallow than the master bath, but there is definitely more floor room in the tub than there is in the master shower.

                We don't have any kind of grip or mat in the tub, and so it is easier to slip in the tub than the shower.  Thus far I haven't fallen, but rather than risk it, I decided to take my showers in the refrigerator box. Unless I fall out the door, there is really nowhere for me to go.  I haven't slipped in the refrigerator box shower (it is difficult to call it a master when it is that size - though tall - nine feet perhaps;  All the space above the door is wasted). 

                I do like that the refrigerator box-sized shower has a hose.  I can move it to my body parts rather than try to lift my body parts to the spray hoping it will get rinsed after I wash.  Unlike the one at my mom's house, we haven't had problems with this hose - thus far anyway. 

                Instead of climbing over the tub, which I measured at 13 1/2 inches high, I now have to step up a 9 inch lift to get into our refrigerator box-sized shower, and remember I have that same 9 inches to step down after taking shower and am wet and slippery. We would not be able to fit an adult chair inside.

                I can't complain, really.  It's more than many others have.  It's just different.

how it looks without a person

I asked Jenna to stand in the shower for more accurate view
and I'm twice the size that she is.

notice all the space above the door

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