Monday, July 31, 2017

Camp Fire in the Primary Room

          I was really impressed with the primary yesterday listening to their sweet voices sounding more like 30 children and not just less than 10.  The amount of awesome volume has impressed visitors as it often sounds like there are more than there are.

          Our pianist teaches a Sunday school class as well as playing piano, and so she is often late getting in.  We chose to sing "I am a Child of God" a cappella.  It was beautiful - especially when Lily started off on her rendition - not taking away from the traditional version - but rather adding more beauty to the song.

          Emily was a pill about giving her talk today.  After much prompting and a sad little girl who would not speak, the primary presidency asked the children to stack their chairs.  We still had 40 minutes left.  What?

          The presidency then brought out blankets and a false campfire to set up in the middle and had the children set around the campfire while telling pioneer facts, sharing stories, and singing pioneer songs that the children (nor I) were familiar with, but sang as though it were a part of their daily routine.  I was quite impressed.


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